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"Alternative medicine is the original medicine"

Myofascial Release Treatment

The initial session is a time for me to get to know you and what you seek in your myofascial release sessions. It includes a detailed review of your symptoms and concerns, your medical/surgical history, and a history of any accidents and trauma. Injuries and symptoms will be evaluated through traditional physical therapy methodology including a postural assessment.  During the treatment portion of the session, I use my hands and my intuition to feel and treat your myofascial restrictions, the body's physical manifestations of trauma, and it’s holding patterns.  Your participation and feedback into what you are feeling will help us guide the session and future treatments.

60 minutes | $165

Myofascial Release Treatment

Gentle sustained pressure is applied into myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain, restore motion, and release physical and emotional trauma associated with injuries and life experiences. It is deeply relaxing and nourishing to the nervous system.  Return visits always include a check-in and postural assessment. 

60 minutes | $165

6 sessions | $900

Packages expire in 90 days

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